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Sports Chiropractic in Huntersville

We treat a lot of athletes in our practice. Our area is really big on tennis; we treat players at all levels, professional and amateur. We also treat their coaches!

Many professional sports teams have made chiropractic care a part of their health regimen. Chiropractors are well-trained in how structure relates to function; sports chiropractic is natural, next level care.

Pro golfers; NASCAR pit crew members; soccer, basketball and football players; gymnastics; martial arts – we treat them all. All our doctors are former and/or current athletes. We know what you’re going through and how frustrating the healing process can be.

Lots of our patients have gotten involved with the boot camp and CrossFit regimens. When you start working out, these programs can be physically taxing. It’s easy to underestimate your level of fitness at the beginning. As a result, we’ve seen a growing number of patients with injuries from these extreme routines.

Most Boot Campers and CrossFit participants are reluctant to stop doing what they love. We get it, but we can’t give you the care you need if you continue improperly working the injured area. Taking a short break to heal your injury and strengthen the surrounding muscles will pay off in the long run.

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What to Expect

Sports chiropractic can improve function and mobility and allow injured athletes to return to action faster. With a focus on posture and muscle imbalances, we treat overused areas and help optimize and enhance your performance.

Chiropractic is the main therapy used in your care plan. With the adjunctive therapies available to us, we’re able to treat your injury on many levels at the same time. Addressing your pain with multiple strategies is the efficient and effective care you need.

We’ve seen it all – from torn ACLs, fractures, sprains & strains, plantar fasciitis and more. We come up with a treatment plan to take care of the injury, heal you completely and get you back in action quickly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sports Chiropractic different from regular chiropractic?

While both use the same chiropractic techniques, sports chiropractic adds a focus on strength and conditioning. Using exercises and rehabilitation techniques can help heal the injury quicker and prevent a re-occurrence in the future.

Why is a sports injury different?

Most sports injuries fall into two categories – acute and repetitive motion. Acute injuries are conditions like sprains, strains, etc. Many of these will heal quickly with very little treatment necessary. Repetitive motion injuries such as tennis elbow, shin splints and shoulder injuries occur over time and need serious care to heal. That’s where sports chiropractic can help.

How long before I can go back to my sport?

We know you want to be active asap; our job is to make sure you heal completely. Before you return to action, we make sure your injury has healed, function has been restored, joints are moving without restrictions and the muscles in the problem area are stronger. Your optimal health is what we work towards; keeping you there is our goal.

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Sports chiropractic care is what every athlete and weekend warrior needs for better performance, health and overall wellbeing. Contact us for a free, 15 minute no-obligation appointment and see for yourself the difference we can make in your game.


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