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Dr Ballas adjusting man's neck

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is healthcare that’s focused on you. We treat your whole body, naturally and holistically. Chiropractic works with your musculoskeletal and nervous systems and their impact on your health.

Proper alignment is necessary for your body to function the way it should. If misaligned, your spine cannot move the way it’s supposed to, causing pain and discomfort.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is natural healthcare designed around keeping your Central Nervous System (CNS) in good health. When there’s a problem with your CNS, it creates a blockage or restriction between the spine and the brain.

Our job is to identify joint misalignments, specifically in the spine. We assess how the joint is moving, or if it’s not moving as it should. Chiropractic provides the tools to determine what’s wrong, how to correct it and how to keep it from happening again.

To restore proper motion, we apply treatment-an adjustment-in that specific joint. The better your joint moves, the healthier it is. Joints get their nutrition from the movement of fluids within the joint. Healthier joints allow the CNS to function at an optimal level relieving your pain.

Back adjustment

Restoring Balance with Focused Care

Your body is equipped with a self-healing mechanism. Traumas, whether past or present, can prevent the body from functioning as it’s designed to do. Instead of masking your pain with drugs, we discover the root cause of the problem. We’ll work with you to correct the dysfunction and reverse the damage. Once corrected, your body can restore itself to optimal health.

Our patients have seen improvement from focused chiropractic care in relation to:

  • Back/neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ

Our Techniques

We use several techniques at Ballas Chiropractic, depending on our patient’s needs. One or more techniques may be used to provide the best results for you.

Manual manipulation techniques are the most common methods used to realign the spinal vertebrae. These include:

  • Diversified technique – most widely used manual manipulation technique
  • Gonstead technique – a manual manipulation technique with very specific treatment application methods
  • Cox Flexion Distraction – uses a special table to gently create space in joints. Effective for disc issues; not an aggressive treatment
  • Thompson Drop Table Technique – Effective for patients with difficulty in assuming traditional treatment positions
  • Activator tool – an instrument used to do the adjustment. Very gentle, well tolerated. Can be used on all ages, from infants to the elderly.

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A natural, holistic treatment that sees the whole you! It’s time to stop ignoring and covering up your problems. Let’s work together and get to the source, once and for all. Contact us to make an appointment to get the care you deserve.


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