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Holistic Wellness Is for Everyone

old couple hikingAccording to The Global Wellness Institute, wellness is defined as “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” Naturally, we agree; we also believe that chiropractic care is a critical piece of the health and wellness puzzle.

“As chiropractors, we’re working with the body instead of against the body. We’re facilitating natural healing,” said Dr. Slabaugh.

The conventional medical model uses drugs and surgery which may just mask symptoms. On the other hand, chiropractic care gets to the root causes of health issues. This approach promotes natural healing, improves joint motion, enhances circulation, and supports the body’s ability to heal itself.

Offering Chiropractic & Modalities to Help You Heal

One of the key benefits of chiropractic adjustments is restoring normal joint motion, which is crucial for healing. Chiropractic care improves nutrient flow and facilitates healing for conditions like herniated discs, which have limited blood supply. In addition, by relieving joint compression, chiropractic adjustments can significantly improve mobility and reduce pain.

At Ballas Chiropractic, we also offer spinal decompression to address back, neck, and disc conditions and sciatica. SoftWave Tissue Regeneration technology is also available to help those experiencing pain from acute or chronic injuries.

A Collaborative Approach to Care

Recognizing that chiropractic doesn’t fix everything, we like to be the portal of entry for any non-surgical issues. When a patient requires more than what our conservative care offers, we have a vast network of podiatrists and specialized physicians like neurosurgeons.

Benefits Beyond Pain Relief

While chiropractic care does a fantastic job of relieving pain, it’s also part of a holistic strategy that includes dietary advice, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. For example, we can recommend an anti-inflammatory diet to patients, which also can help ease pain. Our chiropractors also educate patients about the importance of movement and getting regular exercise, which can help with weight loss and reduce joint pain.

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Chiropractic Care Is for All Ages

What’s particularly appealing about chiropractic care is its ability to help people of all ages and stages. We’ve seen patients from days-old newborns to those in their 90s. Adjustments are always tailored to each person. For example, we’d use light pressure to adjust an infant or an older senior.

Ready to Improve Your Quality of Life?

You deserve to live a vibrant life and enjoy abundant health at every age so you can do what you love. If that sounds good to you, call us today to book an appointment!

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