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Busting 9 Top Myths About Chiropractic

chiropractic-table-sq-400 (1)Unsurprisingly, many misconceptions about chiropractic care are circulating online and in person. Unfortunately, these myths keep people from experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care when it comes to promoting optimal health and relieving pain.

Dr. Ballas dispels some of the most common myths, providing evidence-based facts.

Myth: Chiropractic Adjustments Are Painful

Fact: Some people associate chiropractic with getting “cracked” or “popped.” Contrary to the common misconception, chiropractic adjustments are not painful. These adjustments aim to restore motion to restricted joints, which can alleviate discomfort or tightness. Most patients enjoy getting care as adjustments are comfortable and relieving. The goal is to enhance joint function and movement, which, contrary to being painful, often brings immediate relief to patients.

Myth: Chiropractors Are Not Real Doctors and Aren’t Regulated

Fact: Chiropractors undergo rigorous education and training similar to that of primary care physicians. The difference lies in the focus of their studies. Chiropractors specialize in biomechanics, physical medicine, and the nervous system, concentrating on how the body functions physically. With extensive classroom hours, surpassing even those of primary care physicians in some areas, chiropractors are well-equipped with the knowledge to treat patients effectively.

They must also pass several board exams and adhere to ongoing education and regulatory standards to maintain their licenses.

Myth: Chiropractic Care Is Only for Treating Back Pain

Fact: Sure, chiropractic does a great job of relieving back pain, but it does so much more! Chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle that can promote an optimally functioning body. Patients have reported improved digestion, relief from reflux, fewer headaches, and overall better physical function. Chiropractic optimizes the body’s physical function which can lead to improvements in various areas of health.

Myth: Chiropractors Only Treat Adults

Fact: Chiropractic care can benefit people of all ages and stages, from newborns to seniors well into their golden years. Regular chiropractic care can help ensure optimal body function, regardless of age.

Myth: Once You Start Chiropractic Care, You Must Continue Indefinitely

Fact: While it’s always your choice as to how frequently you want to get chiropractic care, it’s important to note that getting adjusted regularly can help you maintain health. It’s similar to going to the dentist for regular checkups to ensure your teeth are in tip-top condition.

Myth: Chiropractic Adjustments Are Dangerous

Fact: Chiropractic care is actually one of the safest forms of health care, with low malpractice insurance rates reflecting this safety. Adjustments are safe and effective when performed by a trained and experienced chiropractor like Dr. Ballas, following proper examination and screening of the patient.

Myth: Chiropractic Care Is Expensive and Not Covered by Insurance

Fact: Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care, making it an affordable option for many. Compared to conventional medical treatments, chiropractic care can be more cost-effective, often providing relief and results without the need for expensive diagnostic tests.

Myth: Chiropractic Results Are Just a Placebo Effect

Fact: Numerous research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care, showing significant physiological improvements in patients. These results are not merely placebo effects but are based on the real, measurable changes that chiropractic adjustments can make, such as lowering blood pressure immediately following treatment.

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